Monday, 6 August 2012

The Road Unknown

Not very often I consider the out and backs for a road ride.
Given I’m a woman of dimension. Not at all interested in doing the same thing twice.
Dreadfully dull I say.
But when I set out on Saturday to Squamish in the blistering heat of the day I gave in to the bend.
I figured I would try the return trip too.
After a day of hiking.
I reckoned the view is likely to change.
Given it’s the Sea to Sky highway.
Lots of people have done it. By bike. Vancouver all the way to Whistler. 
7,000 last year in the RBC GranFondo Whistler.
I wanted to experience why.
Injury prevented me in 2011.
These days I have the pleasure of working for GranFondo Canada. So I knew the highway shoulders had been swept well from winter.
Gravel bits and glass cleared for the rubber to the road.
As I set out from North Vancouver the eyes stayed on the highway. The Upper Levels highway.
A yes to gravel, rocks, glass, garbage and the like.
But once past Taylor Way the fun began.
The shoulder was clean!
I was melting. It was 12:15pm when I got rolling. No choice for the time due to earlier commitments.
My journey to Britannia Beach was truly epic. 
Except for the big buses and cars zooming by.
Breathtaking majestic views. Clear clean blue skies. A wonderful cross-breeze when needed.
The outlines to the ocean and the mountains took my breath away.
Sure I’d driven it.
But riding it you see so much more.
I had a great visit with my pal, Tamsin and her family. We hiked the four lakes in Squamish, cooked and baked and ate.
This morning I did the smart thing.
I got rolling at 7am for the return trip home.
Yes, it was epic.
Yes, it was beautiful.
And yes, the viewpoints looked different.
I didn’t look back.
The ride on the shoulder wasn’t as clean. The drainage grates were deep.

What I could see and feel truly took my breath away.
As cars sped by I thought how much they must miss.
Going my speed I get to see it all.
This being, my first ride - on the road unknown.

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