Tuesday, 31 July 2012

I Crave Grounding

Got a new mouse. Thankfully.
Still. The eyes get drained.
Daily. Glaring at a computer screen. Sitting in a chair. At a desk.
Using the mouse is better then the touch.
Weeks have passed since I snuck into the hot room.
For my weekly tune-up. 
I'd go more if I could.
Can't seem to carve out the time.
My body tells me. It needs it.
There’s been lots of yoga in my life.
But it's Bikram Yoga that gives me more then I’ve ever asked for.
I workout and I stretch. I sweat. But most importantly.
I balance.
Thought I’d suffer last night. It has been a while. 
A severe shin injury complete with infection had me staying clear till all had healed up.
The class went fast. Each stretch resonated in my soul.
I left all my stress behind.
I was present.
When I got to Camel, I went deep. My flexibility surprised me.
My body remembered.
The infamous Camel Pose. I LOVE it!
"Camel Pose creates maximum compression of the spine,
which stimulates the nervous system."
The space between each vertebrae cleared. Like a cleansing. Each bone structure and joint in my body engaged.
That’s what I love about Bikram.
You work everything right.

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