Friday, 18 September 2009

Getting Out of a Rut!

I'm in denial. I'm still putting shorts on and wearing thongs. What happened to summer? I must of missed it.
Likely due to the fact that I had my head down. I didn't much look up or around.
Sure I had the boat renovations going on, while I was sending out 'real job' applications, at the same time trying to write something here or there. But I have to admit. I got myself into a rut. And it was really hard getting out.
Here's what I did.
I already run. And spin. And bike. And walk. I'm always trying to smile.
But that wasn't enough. I found myself staying in bed longer. My emotional eating and cravings got worse. I watched TV and movies. I avoided people, family and friends. I was wallowing in self-pity. Why me?
So I said to thy self one day. You really have to do something about this. You've made promises to people, and you've broken them. You've said you're going to do something and you haven't. Not good.
Someone once told me that the most successful people in life are the early risers. This was the first habit I needed to work on.
I got a friend to come over and bang on the boat at 6:30 a.m. so we could go running together. This has been going on for just over a week.
I'm back writing. I'm back focussing on what I have to do. I'm asking forgiveness to those that I've said I've made committments to and haven't followed through on. And I'm learning how to meditate.
Twenty minutes a day I set the egg timer and sit myself down comfortably. Legs crossed, third finger on thumb, palms up.
I focus on peace, love and healing. White light. I push out all other thoughts.
Before I know it, the timer buzzes and I'm back into reality.
But it's different now. I'm in the NOW. I'm in the know. And I'm ready to go.

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