Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Learning is GOOD!

Don't die with regrets. How many times have I heard that?
I admit that I have one regret in my life. And today, more then ever, I'm realizing my mistake.
It wasn't that I didn't know any better. It was that I was scared. I could blame it on my parents. But that's not fair. If I really wanted it I would of found a way to do it. Unfortunately, I didn't feel so sure. I was super scared to go into debt. Now I regret it.
That one regret I have is going to University and getting a degree. I sure wish I had one now.
More then ever, in today's economy and job market... I'm pretty sure that employees have a pretty good selection of applications and they're probably looking at education first.
As I've mentioned before. I come from the 'school of hard knocks.' I didn't get the BA or the MBA. I did the college route and then I went to a big city (Toronto) because I knew I wanted to get into marketing and advertising and what better place. I did the temp thing to get into the big advertising agency. And I worked my way up. Doubling my salary each year. I did the Canadian Advertising Agency Practitioner's program. Does it count for anything today?
Not when you're applying for Communications jobs that require a BA or an MBA, not to mention the InDesign and Web aps skills.
So I said to my son when he finally figured out what his goals are for University when he graduates in 2010, "I'm going with you!"
Be nice to have other initials beside my name besides SoHK.

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