Saturday, 17 October 2009

Putting up the Goal Posts

A good family friend's father said upon one of his business failures, "The goal posts keep moving."
No matter. It's true. Things happen, while good intentions are there - ultimately the universe decides what should be.
I happened upon a tweet recently that gave me some renewed inspiration. Along with something my mother said recently.
Firstly, the tweet came via Lululemon. Somehow I found myself here but for whatever reason that day the links weren't working for me to follow through on it.
I made a note in my daytimer of the link and carried on with my day. Sometime later on Facebook I read Biff's post on goals. Funny I thought to myself. The universe is perhaps, telling me something?
Biff's post really rang in my head. Here's a woman who has battled Cancer and is setting out goals and dreams for her future. Then I thought about a conversation I'd had recently with my mother. She talked about a friend who was in a rut and mom's word's of advise were something to the effect of "Don't put up boundaries, think outside the box." So she did. Sure enough things turned around for her in a big way.
Last night I'm watching Tango dancers and thinking to myself, sure wish I could do that. And flippantly I pondered my list. Something I started creating in my head. I'll just add it to the list.
Coincidentally earlier in the week, also on Facebook I saw a friend's post about a race she signed up for. Done deal. That was her goal, to train for it.
Today I went to Lululemon's site and typed out my goals.
Now I'm going to write them. And read them. And work on them.


Megyn said...

I am happy for you When I was in the ar biz someone taught me how to set goal and steps to take to acheive them and that lesson has still stuck with me.

chris said...

Setting goals and putting them down in writing, is an important first step towards achieving them. I find it enables me to envision myself achieving my goals.

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. - Tony Robbins