Saturday, 19 December 2009

Success or Happiness

Define success. Is it owning a house? A car? Having a successful career? Are these things society’s images of success? Or is the definition of success, different to everyone? Is success happiness?

Recently I had a conversation with someone who told me I was a failure. Who said to me repeatedly, look at what you have. Look at what I’ve got.

OK. I live on a boat. I call that affordable waterfront property. I don’t have a full time job. I am in a career transition. I am single. So, Mr. Right hasn’t come along – yet.

None of what he said bothered me. Not one bit. Because when I thought about what he had, it doesn’t fit into my parameters of success. So you have a house with a mortgage. It’s a nice house. But is it a home? So you have a BMW. Do you own it? No. So you have a company with your wife. Do you like what you do? No. So explain to me how you are successful and I am a failure.

I define my success with my accomplishments. What I did to make a difference. What I did to help my community, my neighbour, and another person – the world. What I did to raise a good soul, my son.

My heart tells me I am successful. It’s what makes me happy. Today, it’s what makes me smile.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Lost a Dumbbell - the Soul is Shining

The notion of Flab for Food came to me when I first signed up for Weight Watchers. Half the World is starving and the other half is overweight. What is the multi-million dollar diet industry doing to help?
I am writing letters and seeking innovation for moving this idea along. Can those companies donate a pound of grain for every pound lost?
I'm pleased to say I've lost more then one 15 pound dumbbell. 18.2 pounds is gone so far. I'm half way there.
During our weekly meeting I was asked how it felt. At first I looked down, pondering really, how do I feel?
Then my face lit up and the words shot out of my mouth. "My soul is shining. I walk with my chin up, not down. I stand tall. It feels great, but I'm not done yet."
How are you doing it came next. That was easy. Fiber and zero fat. What goes in, goes on. And lots of exercise. I managed five workouts last week. That made me really happy. Of course everything gets easier the lighter you get. The long 54 minute run, is down to 47 minutes. Wow. Super happy and feeling it.
Now, onto helping those who don't have what we all have so much of... food and water.