Friday, 19 February 2010

About That Blue Bridge

This is a Letter to the Editor sent to the Times Colonist that was never published with regards to the Johnson Street Bridge in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Victoria is Going Backwards
By Jane Victoria King

Hell bent on not making progress for the City of Victoria recent media reports say the individuals apposed to moving forward on the replacement of the Johnson Street Bridge have won a chance at a referendum.

I wonder if they have any idea on what that will end up costing the city? No matter, their take is the city didn’t ask them to spend the money to replace the aging infrastructure. Bullocks.

Take a look back at how many different Mayors and Councils have discussed this monster topic. I am positive this wasn’t an off the cuff hurried decision. How could it of been? The topic of what to do about the aging Johnson Street Bridge has been around for years. Today we have a PROGRESSIVE Mayor and Council who see the opportunity to reduce the impact of the costs associated with the replacement by taking advantage of one-time resources.

I scowl at the people who think the bridge is historic and should be refurbished. Its electrical system is obsolete, it’s old and it’s tired. Think safety.

The designs I saw for a new bridge at the city’s Open Houses looked progressive. Yes, progressive. A symbol of a first-class development. As our city should be!

Positive economic impact means acting proactive and being progressive. Think forwards, Victoria. Not backwards.

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