Saturday, 6 February 2010

'Yes Men' Beat Michael Moore

When an audience claps and cheers at the end of a movie, it’s been well worth the price of admission. When there is laughter throughout and you find yourself covering your mouth, slapping your leg or shrugging along with the characters; the film has done something profound. It’s engaged you. It’s drawn you into the character’s faces, their feelings and to a greater extent their souls.
What the Yes Men Fix the World did to our eyes was open them wide.
Kudos for the Greater Victoria Film Festival for livening the audiences with refreshing humour, tempered with broad strokes of enlightenment.
Hurray for independent filmmakers. Hurray for the Yes Men for getting down and dirty and dampening our hearts with the irony of corporate greed and resulting self destruction, yet encapsulating ideas for solutions with glimmers of hope.
While humour plays big in the editing of Yes Men especially in the reactions of the prankster’s participants, unknown to their truthful tales - their personas crossed with the real life characters of the beneficiaries make this film truly a docu-tainment. Truth, farce and laughs. We got it all. Yes Men… Maybe someday we can fix the world!

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