Friday, 18 June 2010

Facebook LOVE

It’s been a few years since I consummated an ideal amount of time, almost on a daily basis (admittedly) to the Facebook world. These days, when I run into old acquaintances, invariably the parting words are “I’ll friend you!” or “I’m on Facebook are you?”
Who would of thunk this would be our anecdote for daily living a decade ago? Not I.
I love the opportunities Facebook has delivered. Facebook connects you. I love that on a daily basis if I’m feeling crappy because I ate too many brioches or bagels or whatever, that when I Facebook how awful I’m feeling and why, a friend will read my post and comment. In my case, my comments lead to thoughts and inevitably make me feel better or stimulated to do something.
Take Catherine’s comment when I gloated my emotional eating habits:
“Take it to the gym, Jane!”
Exactly what I needed to hear to transplant that thought to the forefront of my brain, which later turned to action.
This morning, after well over a year of being Facebook Friends, Catherine and I did our second road ride of the week together, this time hill climbs. Had we of gotten together to ride if we hadn’t of Friended on Facebook?
Who’s to say? Being on Facebook puts you out there. For who you choose to be with and for who you might want to take the time to get to know a little better.

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