Thursday, 17 June 2010

A Mars Bar a Day!

When Dad spent his final years in a nursing home, I’d often escort him to the cafeteria for lunch. Then outside for his after lunch smoke. I’d watch as he'd inhale an entire half then butt it out. He was ready for a rest.
Once upstairs and hoisted in his bed, he’d ask for a tilt and a chocolate bar. Mars bars were his favourite. He’d often claim that when he was young, he and his sister would walk a mile for a Mars bar.
Yesterday morning I was out for my ride with the TripleShot gang. I lagged due to lights which left a couple of us stragglers. No matter, we kept going on the road to the nearest coffee shop.
This fellow Paul whom I had met in the morning was choking down some java, squashing some time before his next meet-up and 80 kilometre ride. I asked him what he had for fuel.
Out of his cycling jersey back pocket he pulled out some square electrolyte gummies and funny enough, an unwrapped Mars bar. I got a chuckle. I’d heard of other cyclists chowing down on Mars bars on their long rides, but thought no more until Paul pulled out his.
What is it about Mars bars that do good for long road rides?
I asked him while explaining they were my dad’s favourite. He told me in England they deep fry the things!
So I checked out the good old Mars bar tonight on my way home. Turns out there’s a caramel, a slim and a 2-pack, besides the good old regular. I swallowed down two tonight. Got a big hill ride in the morning. Grateful I didn’t have to walk a mile for them!

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