Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Vision Boards

When someone mentions to me the Law of Attraction my instincts rise up and ignite a smile. That person is connected.
It was through idle chatter in the laundry room one evening last year when I first met my neighbour and friend, The Holistic Sailor.
She calmly listened as I blurted out my antiquated life history of the last year. Lost the Corporate job through lay-off. Bolted back to Victoria to be close to my son again. Not sure where the future will take me now.
In her calm reassuring voice she said something to the affect, “Well you’ll just have to put it out there to the Universe. You know, the Law of Attraction.”
Of course I’ve read The Secret and the Law of Attraction. I’d made my vision board which resulted in the high paying Corporate job. But I hadn’t bothered with one lately.
Until last night. I had piled up some clippings from magazines and advertisements. Words and phrases that seemed to bridge my heart and soul with joy. I got out the glue and scissors and stuck it all down on white cardbourd. Before I went to bed I stuck it under my computer for the night so things could stick down flat.
When I awoke this morning and fled out the door for my early morning bike ride I didn’t think about it. Till I returned. With a day off to play I unpacked it from under the computer and stood it up for viewing.
The top line reads If You Could Do Anything, What Would You Do?


Carolyne said...

Love it Jane - at the event in November (7th) we're going to be doing vision boards - it's going to be amazing!

Karen said...

Very nice! Ummm... let's see I'll be biking and training hard eventually along Dallas Road. Moving into my new condo :-) Nice pictures!

Jane Victoria King said...

That's fantastic!