Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Mental Madness

Too many times I’ve let myself talk myself out of getting up. I hate that. Especially for me. I’m training for the Challenge course with the BC Bike Race. Not far away! If I don’t get the workout in first thing in the morning, it’s really slim that I’ll be able to carve out the time after work. Besides the time, I need the energy.
To stay focused this week I’m playing mental games. I say to myself the following:

You never regret going, you only regret when you don’t go.
If you don’t get up now, you’ll fall back to sleep and get fat.
Winners rise early, losers sleep till 8am.
The more you do now, the less painful it will be during the race.
You want the belt buckle don’t you?

Since I’m riding solo, the training became one as well. I’ve followed the training program the best I can with the time I’ve had and the time I have. Bikes have been a challenge the whole way along. The past road riding has consisted of me on my 19 year-old Rocky Mountain Fusion. I’m retiring this bike as I need new brake pads. 4:15 a.m. comes early. I’m riding the road tomorrow on my cross-country mountain bike that I’ll be doing the race in. Ready or not, here I go.
I never regret going, I only regret when I don’t.

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