Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Tangled Thoughts

Tempted to stop thinking. Sometimes there is no point. You can’t always change what is. Perfectly fine to accept things though. Probably something called destiny? Perhaps.
During my second viewing of the Men Who Stare at Goats I took pen and paper and jotted down some thoughts. Can we control life or does life control us?
I know what I know. This is me here I am. Like it, or not.
A showcase of thoughts without answers… Rambled reflections.
Dreams may manifest but it’s the heart that dictates the reasoning. Or does it? Should I go there and do this or that or not. If it feels right – do it!
Truly, the point is do we do what the universe tells us? Then the river runs to it? Can we let go of the temptations and lust for what should be? Is it right or is it wrong? Who said it must be and we must do that?
You do. No one else.
What if exists. Here’s how:
The future is yet unborn, the past is old and dead, the only time is now.
Time to carry on and listen to thy heart.

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