Monday, 21 June 2010

Misguided Truths

It doesn’t surprise me when you hear something about someone else that scares you. Yet, when you get to know that someone else and confront them with the ‘hear say’ you discover there is some unfounded opinions being passed.
The truth be told. Rather, the truth needs to be known.
I had heard of a person who apparently spent time in a cell. Rumoured to be because of an assault charge. That person looks strong. Yet is observed to be a hard worker and from what I can tell, honest.
However, when confronted with the known facts, recoils almost in embarrassment.
“I don’t want to talk about it anymore.”
Somehow I managed to squeeze more information. Shockingly, it wasn’t what I expected.
Too many people take the law into their own hands. When a person close to someone is harmed by another person, in an unwillingly sexual way – does that make it OK for a family member to do what they think is right? Of course not.
Who pays for these mistakes? That person who crossed the threshold of the law. No matter that it was in an effort to thwart off the pain caused to their loved one.
Bad judgment? Yes.
Labeled for life? Unfortunately so.

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