Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Top Five Reasons to Head Bash

It never hurts to meet with other like-minded folks. I call it head bashing. You’re bashing your brains together – right?!
I’m learning so much by taking an on-line blogging course with Raincoaster Media http://raincoastermedia.com/ . Tuesday’s is our night. I was tempted to bail as I needed a workout, instead I cooked dinner while we Skyped our conference call.
Even though it is well after my bedtime now I’m hooked - more importantly inspired!
If you’re a writer and you’ve been taking the helm solo, here’s my top five reasons why head bashing is really good for you:

1. You’ll find more reasons to think and write outside the box… creativity increased!
2. You’ll find more tangents to go out on and more crossroads to cross!
3. You’ll get feedback and add-ons!
4. You’ll find more confidence to carry on and on and on!
5. You’ll like what you’re doing even more as you’ve got others to support you along the way.

We’re half way through our ten-week course. I’m learning to think every bit multi-media. Even though I’m behind on my homework, I’m facing my future of blogging with excitement. I know more, I am more! Thanks Raincoaster!

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