Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Dakine Bag Wazoo

BC Bike Race is a seven-day stage mountain bike race with a choice of two courses: Challenge or Epic. This was my first stage race. I did the Challenge.
For more information go to www.bcbikerace.com

“Take your pillow case, then at least you can fill it up with clothes and use it as a pillow,” said Peter as I scrambled to re-pack my luggage into my new BC Bike Race Dakine racer bag, discarding everything I wouldn't need until Day 7 elsewhere.
I had 15 minutes to get it loaded onto the truck. All of which I would not see until the end of Day 7.
It was a gallant attempt at downsizing from a backpack, gym bag and dry bag (with sleeping bag, pillow and throw blanket). Not everything made it.
By the end of Day 2 you pretty much have it figured as to how things will organize into your Dakine bag. What I missed most was my pillow. Luckily I’d managed to fit my three-season sleeping bag in, and my inflatable blow-up air mattress. That made for good sleeps. Too bad I didn’t make it to somewhere like Mountain Equipment Co-op to find some comfy type of blow-up pillow too.
It worked to pack the sleeping bag with the extra bike parts in the bottom of the top of the bag. I took an extra brake, pedals, tires and tubes.
In the middle all the clothes and as I was blogging, my computer with Telus stick and Blackberry charger. I didn’t have room for jeans and extra shoes. Only a light weight pair of track pants (anything that folds small) and thongs. In the front of the bag I packed my almonds, protein bars, vitamins, Traumeel (topical gel and tablets), a container of Witch Hazel (great for butt burn) and Chammy cream, Wild Oregano Oil (works great if you get the stomach flue - which I did), sunglasses, dates and apples when I had them.
Since I live on a boat, which is often cold I made sure I packed my wool socks and a fleece hat for the evenings. It did get cold and damp. One good long-sleeved thermal undershirt was a bonus too.
I took two raincoats so at least when it did rain, I had one to change into after riding.
Before I left I bought two extra pairs of cycling shorts, in case I didn’t have access to laundry. I also took a bandanna with me. For the hot rides. I would soak it up with water and put it around my neck. It kept me cool.
With my toiletries I did the zip-lock thing and put everything in super small containers. Shampoo, moisturizer and soap all got locked so no seepage.
The only thing I missed all week was my jeans and my pillow. Not bad for a first timer!

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