Saturday, 24 July 2010

Life in a Day

Don’t look back kept popping into my head today. First off during my 10km run around Elk and Beaver Lakes. I was pacing behind Glenn and Donna. Catherine held back three and half minutes before she started. I resisted looking back for her to conserve energy. My second run this week and second one in four months. Already onto a 10km.
I heard her come up, but I didn’t look back.
Last night I decided to shoot a time capsule of my day for the Life in a Day documentary. A global project preserving this day in history by documenting it through self-shot You Tube videos. To be edited and broadcast at the Sundance Film Festival in 2011.
How ambitious. By noon I’d already shot 16 minutes.
As it’s the first day of my holidays, I took it easy today. First the run, then breakfast, coffee, a newspaper read then a nap. Up to do dishes and depart for the country to see momma who was visiting friends and then to the Sooke Fine Arts show. Not a huge day but I found myself opinionated each time I spoke to the camera.
What do I fear most? Lack of water, destruction of mother earth, not being able to use my skills to somehow make a difference, consumerism. What do I love about life? People, learning, fresh air, clean water, freedom. What makes me laugh? Silly people definitely. Hanging with friends and not being afraid to speak my mind.
So why did don’t look back keep coming into my mind today? I read something about it in my horoscope. I heard it in a song. I’m recording a time capsule of my day and don’t look back keeps popping in my head.
I’ve always been one for preserving moments in history either through the written word or photography. A chance to look back and remember what was. How that time felt. A reflection of where you are now.
As this day draws to a close, with a beautiful moon shining I say to myself, it is time to move on. To another day with more opportunities to learn, grow, share and shine - with gratitude.


Amy said...

Cool, can't wait to see your video!! That kind of thing is why I LOVE to travel, it's so intriguing that we all are going about our daily business but a day in the life of folks all over the world is SO different. I love seeing new/differnt cultures and there's quite a bit of diversity just here in North America.

Jane Victoria King said...

Absolutely. Everybody starts their day differently...