Friday, 23 July 2010

Solitude Holitude With Life in a Day

My new name for holidays. Solitude holitude! I started today around noon. Don’t get paid for them. But sure plan on enjoying them.
Never been one for doing nothing. Tomorrow morning starts off with a 10km run around Elk and Beaver Lakes. Maybe a swim after. Then it’s wherever my heart takes me.
I also plan on shooting a Life in a Day video My time capsule of July 24, 2010. Also my first official day of holidays. There are three questions to be included in my vid: What do you fear most in your life? What do you love most in your life? What makes you laugh?
Then there’s the soundtrack inclusions: a clap, a single note held for as long as I can, the sound of my breath in and out and a snap of my favourite sound. Also a blip on what’s in my pocket.
Unedited this will then get posted to You Tube and possibly viewed by the likes of Kevin MacDonald and Ridley Scott if it makes it past the editing bench. Then maybe chosen for inclusion in the full length documentary to be aired at Sundance 2011.
Pretty cool I have to say. A video time capsule of my day tomorrow.
Stay tuned.

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