Friday, 9 July 2010

Summer Sweetness in Food

The lazy hazy days of summer. When we were kids mum used to drag the mattresses outside to the front porch. From about the May long weekend to the September long weekend our bed sheets smelt like the fresh outdoors.
No need for an alarm it was the sunshine and the birds that got us cranked up. Carefree days and long lost nights. Did we really need to sleep? Not much.
Summer says vacation. Warm days. Warm nights. Shorts and sandals. Hats and sunscreen. Barbecues and beach volleyball.
On Vancouver Island it’s our chance to shine. I was handed a fresh off the press brochure today. The 2010 Local Food Guide with a headline: Get fresh with the locals.
I thought back to the summer I spent at the horse farm cultivating my keep by slogging the manure and earning extra cash on the side picking strawberries. That was hard work. All day, hands and knees. One in the mouth, three in the tray. There is something really rich about eating food fresh from the ground. The smell - the taste. The newness and crispness to be savoured. I often wonder what it would be like to only be able to buy local food. Would we have enough? Could we surive without a lemon? Or could we somehow grow all that we need?
I heard the Organic Islands Festival is on this weekend. Now if only I had the lazy part of summer to dawdle through and didn’t have to work… summer food for thoughts.

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