Sunday, 11 July 2010

Uganda Bound

Opportunities come at times unexpectedly. Always seeking innovation, new ideas and outside the box stimulus, I jumped at this one.
From November 2 to December 15 I will be in Uganda, Africa. Helping out at the Mengo Hospital.
As I call myself a New Media Journalist I plan to blog a story a day. Not necessarily of what is, but what could be in the eyes of the Uganda people.
CBC recently produced documentaries looking at the other side of Africa. Away from the devastation and towards the hope for the future. My thinking is I document the wishes of the people. So that the Universe can listen.
I have my own wish. This one is for the world. I wish for peace and the end to war and suffering.
In the coming months, I look forward to researching more about the people of Uganda in preparation for documenting their stories and their wishes.
Today I think to myself: Is there enough foreign aid? Are there opportunities for the young people? Are medical teams available and doing all that they can? What economic opportunities lay ahead that the people of Uganda can export globally?
Consider this blog a shout out for your ideas. What else can I do as a New Media Journalist for six weeks at the Mengo Hospital in Uganda, Africa? I look forward to hearing from you.


Derek said...

I like the ideas: "focus away from the devastation and towards the hope for the future." and "document the wishes of the people so that the universe will listen."
By celebrating the positive we encourage it to grow and flourish.

Jane Victoria King said...

Thanks Derek. Agreed!

Amy said...

Very cool opportunity and exciting Jane! I have a pharmacist friend who is looking at working overseas for a few months, I will have to forward your blog and the Uganda info to her. She is looking at Doctors Without Borders, but just started looking.

Tori said...

I'd love to know more about your Uganda trip: who are you working for, what will you be doing, how are you getting there?

My youngest daughter is going into Grade 12 this year and I'm already at loose ends as to what to do with my life after she's flown the nest. Working abroad for a good cause seems like it would be a great way to contribute and put things in perspective.

Jane Victoria King said...

Tori, absolutely. My son just graduated. He thinks it's cool. Would love to sit down and yack about it. Let's connect soon!