Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The Dream Job

Do you have one in mind? Someone asked me that today. As a writer and photographer what would be your dream job?
Working with CBC comes to mind. Profiling people especially. One on one’s like what Peter Mansbridge and Barbara Walters do. I’ve spoken with Prime Ministers, famous actors, even drug addicts and street people. I’m not afraid to speak with celebrities or humans of high stature. In fact I enjoy the challenge to see them speak at ground level. Feet planted firmly. Laughter in the air. One on one like humans. Demystified.
I’d totally dig a job on The Hour with George Stoumboulopoulos http://www.cbc.ca/thehour/. I love eye candy and what the digital world can fuse with the real thing. That rocks my world. I totally approve of the direction CBC is going with their news. It’s what we were doing in 2004 with The New VI when Moses Znaimer came to town.
I suppose I most appreciate interviewing people. Learning. Hearing their stories and taking some form of inspiration from each and sharing it with the world. To make a difference.
In my youth I constantly wrote down what I thought to be captivating quotes. From books, movies, people or ideas that randomly popped into my head. I have scores of notebooks with one-liners. Jibber jabber here and there.
Since I’ve done the film, the television, the magazine, web, photography, writing, event activations and the newspaper thing making it all come together digitally would be super sweet. The how to do what you’re passionate about, but technically challenged at and oh, minor inconvenience… need to credit the bank account with occasionally too.
So to summarize my dream job involves writing, photography, film and television, digital animation, people and making a difference by inspiring the world with other people’s stories. So there!


Amy said...

You obviously have a great talent in writing, I will probably hear about you on staff with the CBC one day!
Forgot to mention, my pharmacist friend, best friend here in Knoxville, happens to be Canadian...it's that 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon thing now, wonder what the connection is, heh. She is from the Vancouver area though.

Anonymous said...

Careful what you wish for -- I've known a lot of people who worked for CBC in various regions/capacities and I actually turned down a job there because of the stories they told me. Working there is apparently hell.

Jane Victoria King said...

Hey Amy, thanks for the idea of writing it down! You Rock!

Jane Victoria King said...

Dear Anonymous... wonder why. Seems there would a lot of great minds there. Sad to hear that.

Amy said...

Oops, I meant to say my Canadian friend is from the Toronto area, still have Vancouver in my mind after all the BCBR excitement.
I hope you find the job you want soon, even if not the dream job, I guess one thing leads to another. I'd have to hear bad stories from LOTS of people to go on that for not considering at a job. Certainly concerning and disappointing to hear negative things about a place from several sources.

I'm looking forward to reading about Uganda. My friend that is looking to do some work overseas is in Nicaragua right now with my mom on a medical mission trip. I got an e-mail from her today and said it has been a GREAT experience. They saw 147 people today which blows my mind, it wasn't that large of a group going.

Are you a fan of Anderson Cooper at all? I loved his book Dispatches from the edge. With the little I know about you and the little I know about that kind of work/book/shows I can see you doing his kind of stuff.

Jane Victoria King said...

I'm going to get that book. Thanks for that Amy. I enjoyed his coverage in Haiti.