Wednesday, 14 July 2010

A Home Like No Other

I call her affordable waterfront property. Even though I don’t own her completely – I have a mortgage. I live on her though. She’s my home. For the past six years. I float around.
I love that when I come home she seems to forgive me for being away. No need to water anything. Except for the decks when it gets dry - like now.
I know small spaces aren’t for everyone. I like it though. It keeps things simple. For every one thing I bring home, I need to take two or three off. It’s a must. Don’t need three pairs of running shoes. That’s for sure. One will do.
What do I miss? Not mowing the lawn or gardening. Maybe the bathtub. Yes. A bathtub. I think if anything that occasional ahhhh in a hot tub with some kind of aroma therapy. But really, I have everything I need. I can cook for a party of 10 or more. No problem there. If I want I can sit outside on my back deck. If I need to I can watch television or a movie or use my computer. I have a fridge, which is a bonus. I don’t have hot running water. I have to boil it. No big deal. When a friend asks me to house sit I say yes, reluctantly. Short term, I can live with that. Long term, don’t think I could. Home is really where my heart is. I’m so glad to be home!

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