Thursday, 15 July 2010

Future Free

Since my son was old enough to understand, I told him if he started smoking I’d kill him. As he grew up whenever I said that he got a little cocky and declared, “That’s child abuse you can’t do that.”
All joking aside, I wanted to instill in him smoking is not on. Now that he’s 18 years-old I’ve given him another threat.
“If you get caught abusing alcohol I’m putting you in the army.”
To which he replied, “Ryley wants to join the military and wants me to join with him.”
Humph I think to myself. That didn’t quite get the response I thought it might.
I am one for setting boundaries. For sure. Loosely. I’m also one, as a mother for cutting the strings as early as possible and placing one said boomerang in one child’s head. Get out there. Get going. Don’t catch your shirt tail on the door on the way out.
When said son claims boredom I think to myself, what do you expect you live in Victoria (British Columbia, Canada)? No disrespect. I was born here. I also left here in my teens. First for Europe. Later for Toronto, then Vancouver.
When number one says “I’ve gotta get out of here before I loose my mind!” my heart sings. Hallelujah – you’ve got it dialed. Time now to find your future. Run boy, run. Don’t hide. Go. Go anywhere. Go now!

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