Friday, 16 July 2010

Exercise is Right

Got up at 4:45 am this morning so I could go meet a pal for hill repeats on our road bikes. It’s been a while. After the seven day BC Bike Race I took a breather to work 12 hour days in a boatyard with the summer cold.
Back at it this morning felt so good. Made me think about my goals for the future. I’ve heard other people say it. If they didn’t have to work all day they would train. One person I sided with on the multi-sport triathlon thing. Another a marathon. Yet another - fitness for fun.
What is it about the heart pumping beads of sweat rolling that gives us that ultimate satisfaction? The endorphin high. Clean skin. More energy for the day. Excuse to eat a chocolate brownie for dessert!
There’s simply no escaping the fact that are lifestyles are for the most part lazy. It’s built in. We don’t have to hand wash our laundry or walk a mile for a Mars bar. It’s four wheels and gasoline that gets us places. With household habits furnished with machines to do this and that.
It escapes me how we’ve allowed ourselves to become so docile. You have to want to book the time in your day to workout. Plain and simple. No time, no workout. Rather, can’t make the time, then you don’t work out.
I’m not good at getting out of bed early. Especially by myself. If I’m meeting someone or say I will meet someone for a ride or run, I’ll do it. Otherwise, there’s a lot of sleeping in that goes on. Except for when I dangled the thought of that belt buckle in my head for the BC Bike Race finish on Day 7. I wanted it. And I got it. And I got out of bed all by myself to ride with myself to get it.
Next up, the Xterra and a Half Marathon I’m thinking. Maybe Trans Rockies or Trans Alps next year. Whatever. Need to keep going. It feels good. It’s the right thing to do for me, my family, my health, my community and the world. Cause it keeps me healthy, strong and focused so I can do good each day. Exercise is simply right. Cause morally it's good for us.


Amy said...

Agreed, exercise is simply right, something about it, life is so much more right with the exercise.

And I'm with you all the way on the early morning stuff, HATE it, but will do it with a goal in mind.

Jane Victoria King said...

I never regret going. I only regret when I don't.