Sunday, 18 July 2010

A Sunday Rest

Took a day off today. It felt great. I did what most people do.
Got up. Read the paper. Made breakfast. Had a shower. Did the dishes. Put the laundry away.
Son came over for a visit. Then, we left the dock. That is the boat moved away from dock and we motored out of the Inner Harbour (yyj).
That’s when the fog bank rolled in. So much for the cruise to Oak Bay.
Still had fun though. We had views of the Royal Princess cruise ship coming in. Monster big. Cool to see away from the pier. The bro motored by on the newest whale watching vessel on the coast. Huge wake with her.
Later we did the peep show around the inner Inner Harbour. Apparently a classic car show on in front of the Legislature. We float by gawking. Basking in the glory of the day.
We bang back into home and the Holistic Sailor announces there’s an impromptu Q happening at the end of the dock. How lovely. Perfect I get to hang with my neighbours. All great people.
Now I’m thinking, can tomorrow be another one like this?
Zip, zap not a chance. Back to work I go. It’s all good though. I’ve got breaths of fresh sea air stowed away in my lungs. How lucky am I!


tcoulterx2 said...

It was so nice to share the evening with you Jane.

Jane Victoria King said...

You too Holistic Sailor gal! Thank you for a wonderful dinner.