Monday, 19 July 2010

Life is Transparent

Saw something silly the other day and tried to make a joke of it to the couple to whom it appeared. It didn’t go over well. I got a chuckle out of it though. Thought I’d pass it along.
There I am mid-day slaving over a paint can. Paint brush in one hand, roller in the other. Spreading Grand Banks Beige all over an upper bridge deck of a 1967 Monk power boat. I’m in a boathouse. Things are going well. Until I hear a woman in slight distress.
“Oh my god we’re going to hit that boat!”
A large white gin palace has floated into the opposite dock. The bow (front) of the boat is veering nicely into the dock while the stern (back) of the boat is wildly flinging itself in the opposite direction towards the boat next door.
The said woman brings out the stick pole and madly pushes the stern away from their neighbour. Then the foolishness occurs. The man, presumably the Captain leaps onto the bow of his boat and jumps off onto the dock. Without a dock line to go with him. At this point I’m thinking, she’s pushing stern in, bow is going out, said Captain has now jumped off the boat – who’s driving this boat?
The man or rather the Captain then tries to wield himself to the bow of the boat to pull it dockside. However, the women has already planted pole on neighbour’s boat and the stern is well on it’s way in. So said Captain tries to hold onto the bow of the boat while the stern is coming in pushing the boat out and well let’s just say kerplop. In he goes.
Now the woman is in even more distress and loudly screams in more then soprano, “Help, HELP, somebody HELP US! Help, help, HELP!”
Within seconds another couple are there to assist. All is well. A littler later on I hear the swish swash of the feet as the man, aka Captain helps tie his boat up. At this point the woman takes him onto the boat and gets him to strip down the wet stuff. The water is cold. Not warm enough to swim or even have a bath. Breathtakingly cold.
The next day I’m fielding this time a varnish brush. Mask on. I see the man or Captain washing his boat. A change of clothes. He’s working away. I can’t resist. I take my mask off and yell across the water.
“That You Tube Video I shot of you two has a thousand hits already!”
He didn’t appear to have much of a sense of humour. So I felt a little remorse for the poor guy and added politely, “Just kidding.”
Pretty sure he was glad I was. But it goes to show you, anything we do in life that is visible to a camera can be aired to the world. Simply by pressing a few buttons. Click, click, click.
Our lives truly are transparent.


Amy said...

Well, it got a laugh out of me, I am LOL!!! That is hilarious Jane, You Tube video. :-)

Amy said...

Still laughing!

Jane Victoria King said...

It should of been on video. Wasn't thinking fast enough with paint brush in my hand!