Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Connecting Hope

One thing I have learned. The intention of communication is not always received the way it is planned. This holds true for friendships, family, relationships, rapport with co-workers and so on.
When I spoke to a friend from high school tonight regarding teenage boys and their meanderings, I said to her how important I felt it was to communicate. All be it difficult at times. Especially if the parent’s side comes with care and concern (worry) leaving out the friendship iota for support.
Perception is one thing. Intention is another. So how can you fix a line of communication that is broken?
Had another pal the other day tell me that dinner with dad ended in a bit of a spat. That the family rule was never to sleep on ill feelings. Clean the slate and move on. She made that happen by taking a time out and heading back for a verbal chin wag to clear things up.
Back to the teenagers. Fortunately for me, I’ve always worn my feelings on my sleeve and spoken my mind, true to my word to my dear son. He gets it and I appreciate the healthy connection we have.
But for other parents, their talk may fall on deaf ears. I suggested to my friend, sharing your experiences with your son may create value in your discussions. And hopefully connect some hope that not all of what mum speaks is doom and gloom. She really is human too.

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