Monday, 2 August 2010

Speak Solitude

The oars dipped in the water and the ocean gracefully moved by. The stir of the movement like a breath in and out. As I rowed on I noticed a man perched on the bow of his multi-hull. Alone. I thought to myself – solitude.
The inlet is quiet except for the purple martins and the odd drip of the ocean from my oar. The regal silence moved my thoughts.
How often do we slow down, sit down and shut down? I know I have written that sentence before. Guilty of the deception of time for the must do this and have to do that. There is in life a necessity for stillness.
I ponder on in my own silence reflecting on the moment. Can there be such a thing? A life of solitude? Then a seagull swoops by. The air floats along. The sea surrounds. Majestic trees envelope the scene. The tranquility of the peacefulness speaks to me.
I arrive home at my boat and express my own solitude. Moments of nothingness but for the sounds that surround me.

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