Sunday, 1 August 2010

Swinging Around

Been a while since I’ve declared a holiday and taken my boat out to hang out. Super cool to have visitors coming by. Even though I have to pick them up in the dinghy. All seem to be up for a meal on the transom with the barbecue.
Till dark. Then there is the mass exit. Although Catherine and Glenn stayed well past the Butchart Gardens fireworks last night and trundled home with their flashlights. The stroll up the trail from Tod Inlet isn’t long. But it is dark.
Loved Catherine’s text message “We are almost home. Boogie men didn’t get us…!”
Had to chuckle when my son and his buddy decided to bolt at dusk tonight. Eat and run before it got dark dark! No worries.
I’ve had a pleasant steady stream of happiness throughout the last two days. Great people. Fabulous food. Fresh air and sun.
Did a trail run through Gowland Tod this afternoon and down to Butchart Gardens. Very peaceful. The meadows are full of pink sweet peas. The aroma is almost summer. The winds have been chilly in the afternoon. Didn’t stop me from napping on the aft deck before dinner.
That’s what holidays are for!

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