Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Goodbye Sad Tomorrow Glad

In a hole today. Somewhat suffocating. Dug down deep. Didn’t help that when I stuck my head back up all I felt were tears. Don’t want to say why. Other then that useless, helpless feeling overwhelmed me. Sitting still my mind wonders. Curled up in the embryo position eases up the numbness.
Let the mind wonder. To what? No where to go. Hope slipped around the corner.
At home is peaceful. Refreshing. Alive. A neighbour strolls by. Stops to speak. I invite dinner. The tummy tumbles. Caves into gracious delights. Heartening. I leave to walk. Alone with the dog.
The evening whispers by. Darkness falls. The temperature drops. Goodbye sad. Tomorrow I’ll be glad.

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