Saturday, 4 September 2010

The Age of Reason

Probably during the cave man days communication between one another deployed grunts and groans. I’m surmising the whole voice activated talking thing began sometime after. The so called spoken word.
Between my son and I words aren’t always spoken. Heck I remember him waking up in the morning before the teen years with a song almost. It was a kind a short humming. “Haahhhahhhuu” I knew what it meant.
“I’m hungry.”
Then there’s the eye talk. Lot’s of people do it. Don’t need to mince any words. Providing you’re face to face.
Nowadays it’s texting and emailing.
It’s faceless.
I’m struggling to understand why individuals are so allergic to picking up the telephone and actually speaking to one another. 
I worked with a wonderful woman when I lived in the corporate world. She was the only one of the 15 or so in my department who would actually telephone me to discuss a matter. It was logical. It provided an opportunity to talk all angles of the issue and solve the problem or find the right solution fast. Rather then the back and forth of emails.
It takes effort to write up an email. Often you’re re-reading. Checking for tone. Reception on the other end isn’t always how it’s intended from the source. It’s completely one-sided. Safe I suppose. If you really don’t want to hear the other person’s voice.
I felt deeply saddened recently when I reached out to help someone. Rather then receive an in-person telephone call. I got an email of thanks. Great. With a note “call you later.”
That never happened.
Now I know I’m different then most people. My expectations are high. I set high standards for myself. I like to talk. Within reason.
What's so wrong with that?

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