Sunday, 5 September 2010

How Sponsorship Works

As I cross the finish line I’m greeted with hugs. The belt buckle goes around my neck. I’m asked my shirt size and I receive a ‘Finisher’ t-shirt. Then I get a bag of Kicking Horse Kick Ass coffee beans stuffed into my Camelbak. That was July 3. I’ve been drinking it ever since.
I did the BC Bike Race Challenge Course and Kicking Horse Coffee was one of the sponsors of the race.
Years ago I was told I had to quit the dark stuff. Something to do with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  At that point in my life I was only a triple shot dark Italian Roast Americano lady a day. Couldn’t leave home without it. Camping trips even. The espresso maker came along. No more then one a day.
During the seven-day stage race I took to the coffee. Like a magnet on the fridge. First things first. A cup of Kick Ass. The flavour was strong and soulful. Lots of depth. My days were grand.
I’d picked myself up a fancy new boddum from NOOD not long ago. When I got home I started filling it up.
Mum came by one weekend for a coffee. She likes it black. I gave her the Kick Ass. She thought it kicked butt and went out and bought herself some. Stuart came by and had a cup. He took note.
Had some neighbours do me a favour. I asked them if they drank coffee. They got a bag.
Went to my local Country Grocer the other day and the Kick Ass was on sale and sold out. Wahhhhhhh. I picked another dark roast - the Grizzly Claw. I tweeted my take and heard from someone that she switches between Grizzly Claw and Kick Ass and that she figured I’d be fine. Later I got a tweet from Kicking Horse saying to try the 454 Horse Power (like to know the origin of that name) and to make sure my local grocery store keeps Kicking Horse Kick Ass in stock.
I reckon I’m getting through a bag a week. Not bad. I got to thinking, Kicking Horse Coffee made a smart move sponsoring BC Bike Race
That’s how sponsorship works!

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