Monday, 6 September 2010

Me and George Clooney

It was real. Again. In another dream. I could reach out and touch him. It happened I’d seen The American that evening. So I suppose we’d already spent some time together.
I’d say this is the third one. He keeps popping into my head. With intimacy. It’s quite pleasant.
There was a definite marriage of art nuance in the latest George Clooney film, The American. The movie breathed. Scenes were savoured. Like licking a soft ice cream cone on a warm day. The direction and photography brilliance captivated great use of the focus pull. Although I felt over time some overuse on the faceless shots. Effective for balancing the movement from scene to scene.
Of course I loved Italy. The aerial road images. Like a maze. Made me think about cycling there.
Interestingly some months ago with I had a face to face with George in a dream he told me his next film was arty. How often do you remember what is discussed or what goes on in a dream? That had stuck with me simply because I awoke with a smile on my face. Had to tell three people. There was more to it then that, but the film making discussion had intrigued me. I was right there. Hypnotized by his brilliance. His depth. Not just another movie. Wing, bang, boom.
It happened I’d invited my 18 year-old son and his pal along with me. My son sees a lot of movies. While I relaxed into the scene by scene I pondered their patience for such a flick. Yet when I glanced over I never saw a yawn or looking down to peer at their IPhones. They seemed mesmerized.
The love scenes were poetic. The ending dramatic. It was a movie, yet I honestly felt like I’d been to a gallery to see some great art. Most refreshing.


Amy said...

Ah good ol' George is back!! I'm looking forward to seeing the movie. Catching up on your posts and enjoying as always!

A Fresh Thinker said...

Why thank you missy! Look forward to hearing what you think of the movie!!