Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Letting Go

Trouble with the bad stuff in your past is that it continues to haunt you. Unless you can find a way to let it go. Like slamming the door… turning off the light switch… burning it up. That kind of thing.
It’s truly terrible to think that something the Universe guided you through, for whatever reason, your now presence wishes or needs to forget it or release it.
Visualization is a good one. I remember someone telling me to picture the person who caused the broken heart as being in some capsule and you’re in a plane and the belly opens and out they go. You watch them float away. Ha ha.
Went with a friend the other day who’d chosen to write names on a horseshoe for the people that had hurt him. He then let them go by throwing it in the ocean off a pier. I thought that was brilliant.
We’d bought some sage as well to burn. Good for clearing.
I’ve heard some people make treasure boxes and them set them free either in the ocean or through a burial.
Personally I visited a healer who put me through an intense meditation. Tears roped my face. Unbelievable sobbing. I’d brought two pictures which I left. She told me when it was appropriate she’d destroy them. It wasn’t long after I saw the bird fly away. It was an epiphany of sorts. I was set free. My heart cleared. The embrace of the relationship severed forever.
In my mind it takes acceptance to face whatever it is that hurts, to shove it aside and let it go. Making way for the healing and lots of love.

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