Thursday, 23 September 2010

Intentions of Delight

Dream Boogie with SARK

Started another wonderful on-line workshop with SARK last night. It’s called Dream Boogie. A lovely new friend so named Spirited Fiona hooked me up. I am so grateful for the opportunity.
If you can dream it you can do it!
Why not?
Sharing. A big part of hearing your heart beat. If it fills your heart with joy share it! Like your dreams. Talk it up!!
Name your dream. I LOVE it! As SARK puts it, it helps to shift your brain chemistry. FOCUS! Enlightment!
Write it down. Put it under your pillow.
Visualize it, send out the intention vibes, share it and then do it!
My dream is to work creatively with other forward thinkers to make a difference in the world. I’m a New Media Journalist – a writer, photographer, a film maker. I love to paint, to create to be a visionary for positive influences on others through words, sound, visual stimulus.
During the incredible one hour conference call last night on the Maestro system we broke off into smaller groups.
Again, we called out our dreams and asked for permission slips from others.
Here’s what I received:
  • Peggy suggested I join her group!
  • Write down what I’m grateful for everyday
  • Doodle beautiful pictures
  • Keep painting my dreams
  • Do research
  • Hug myself
  • Say NO!
  • Wait until something right comes along

There was a definite vibrational shift in my psyche. SARK named me Embodied Spirit. Spirited Fiona and I discussed our next steps following the call. She spoke about her dreaded To Do lists. That sparked my creative mind to rephrase that title to Intentions of Delight.
So instead of writing up a To Do list today. Name it your Intentions of Delight and see what comes.
Let the sun shine on all of you today! 
Love, smiles and hugs, Jane Victoria King.

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Amy said...

"Intentions of Delight" I LOVE IT!! I shall rename tomorrows list immediately.