Friday, 10 September 2010

Our Succulence

Centered Jane Victoria and The Wise Sherry
I have an abundance of mental mentors in my life. By choice. I call them friends. If there finds a time when uncertainty exists in my self esteem I reach out to them. Although not often.
The Succulent flower is known to nourish itself from the inside out. Tonight at the introduction to the Succulent Wild Wisdom workshop with SARK at Hollyhock I had to ask myself – am I doing enough of that? Does anyone? Do we even know how?
Nourishment for our souls tinkered in my mind as we ventured up to our roundhouse to start our evening workshop.
There is twenty of us in a circle. We were asked upon entering to pick up our name tags. I am Centered Jane Victoria. I travelled to Hollyhock and am sharing a tent with my soul sister so named Wise Sherry.
Intuitively SARK named us. She wrote down our names and sat and waited until a word popped into her head. She had never met us.
As the identities were revealed around the room SARK's intuitive descriptions appeared to match or foreshadow each individual’s self worth.
We did some workshop introductions with touch and eye contact. Then after some insights on what made her who she is today, SARK talked about tomorrow.
“Tomorrow is love day,” she explains. “If we don’t love ourselves we can’t fully love someone else.”
But at the beginning before SARK got us going she called herself a Transformational Change Agent with a Full cup of self love sharing the overflow with the world.
She explained how one day she started by simply waking up in the morning and hugging herself.
I recoil at the thought. I’d rather have someone else do that I think. I consider again the words self-love.
Then I hear SARK say, “It’s painful when you have things you want to do and you’re not doing them.” Adding, “Self care and love may mean doing things differently.”

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