Saturday, 11 September 2010

Communion of Another Sort

Didn’t take long for me to pump out my intentions for attending the Succulent Wild Wisdom workshop with SARK. Four words, three lines. Then it was time to share.
The circle of women spilled, cried and laughed. SARK balanced the bridging from woman to woman with unique exercises for each person. I got to say, say louder with inspiration and sing my intentions. I paired that with a dance.
Creative energy ricocheted in my intentions. I am so grateful there is a truckload here.
“We are all artist’s of life,” illustrated SARK early on in the day.  She’d already penned the white board with the words Welcome to all of your selves.
SARK talked about her eight inner children. How she is such a wonderful parent to them. She also spoke of how every developmental age of a childhood is inside each of us, although some later appear as inner critics. At one point we invited them to leave.
Thinking and working on yesterday's self-love topic, I later decide I need an inner lover, one who is emotionally available and passionate and... tah dah... I now have Bettino (means blessed in Italian).
I felt awakened when SARK noted the importance of paying attention and comfort to the feelings or emotions that are uncomfortable. To comfort so it feels secure and safe. Then let it go?
We invited mentoring discussions. Ending the day with cutting, pasting and painting whatever we wanted to start our take away. Our very own guidebook.
Together today we served up inner lights. Awakenings. Creative visualizations. Self-love, self-worth, self-hope. It wasn’t church. But it felt pretty close.

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