Sunday, 12 September 2010

Dancing With Life

This morning at Hollyhock

The Universe took as us places today. Through tears and group hugs to sparks of laughter and shards of pain.
You are Seen.
You are Known.
You are Loved.
These words hung on the white board.
Each moment that passed shed truths, joy and some sorrow.
“Everything that comes up, comes up for healing,” affirmed SARK.
We’re on day three of our workshop so named Succulent Wild Wisdom. In the chatter amongst our circle, some of life’s hurts became revealed.
“By having other eyes and hearts on it we can see it differently,” SARK adds.
There became certainty in our full moon. Lids opened. Hearts sang. Relief was shared.
As each of us wondered off for our own time in the afternoon I digested more of SARK's words.
“What matters is that we feel good as often as possible. What matters is that we practice forgiveness.”
Wise Sherry and I had agreed to pay visit to a fellow participant in her home. In doing so we visited her hill top art studio. As we sat down to banter we heard a cry. Unsure if it was real, we tuned in tighter. It was real. The door opened quietly with Wise Sherry leading the way. It wasn’t a cry it was a howl. It was loud. It was close. Goosebumps rose up.
Wise Sherry stumbled briefly onto the eyes of a lone black wolf. We ventured back. What is the spirit world telling us we ask each other?
Later we Google wolf spirit meaning. We find teacher.
I think to myself, are we all teachers of life? Dancing with life.

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