Monday, 13 September 2010

Divine Timing

Gifted Marilyn (left) with SARK during lunch at Hollyhock
“Let’s talk about our minds,” started the day.
SARK sat relaxed, purple socks out front. Be Willing to Not Know displayed beside her on the white board.
After minutes of dialogue exchanges with eloquent re-directions put out by SARK she brought our her Creative Dream Game card deck. We broke off in groups. With a question to pose ourselves for input from the others.
First one card was handed out, with ten minute timed discussions for each of us, then another card. Out of four in our group, three of us had the hammer hit the nail, not once – but twice. Myself included.
I was high. I’d heard SARK say it. I’d heard Wise Sherry say it. I was really high. I guzzled down what my soul needed to hear. My group mates jived with anecdotes, support and inspiration.
A lot went on today. Useful daily tools were handed out. Then this.
“Are we putting our creative dreams on a list?” was asked.
“What’s your favourite creative dream?”
We stopped for lunch. The sun shone. The ocean calm. Hollyhock's seaside beauty enveloped us. I contemplated more of SARK's words.
From the deck at Hollyhock
“We do the most when we are delighted" and "Creative dreams will not go away.” 
The afternoon’s take away for me was further talk on self-love practices: Drink poetry, take miracle walks (ask for a miracle and then go for a walk), allow joy and delight to lead the way, expand capacities for love and self and others and do more things badly (nobody will even notice) resonated with me.
Being here for Succulent Wild Wisdom is really, for me - truly divine timing.


Anonymous said...

The experience of divine timing is truly an honour. I have just been watching Mark Driscoll from Mars Hill talking about the heart and he spoke the Proverb, "delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart". Your desire for Uganda us deep and real. He will give it to you as you give it to Him. Uganda will change you as you go to make a change in it.
South Africa

A Fresh Thinker said...

Wow! Thank you for that so much. So nice to meet you Tania. Your blog is inspiring! Keep up your wonderful creativity.