Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Unraveled Wisdoms

This morning's painting at Hollyhock
We’re on Day 5 of the Succulent Wild Wisdom Workshop with SARK. As nature awoke I calmly sank into being. I am who I am. Alive, healthy and free. Open and willing to give, and to receive. Grateful.
Today turned out to be a rich day. A rich day for our souls.
Adventurer Melanie
“We are all mentors. We all have wonderful banks of information within us,” said SARK early on.
The day's workshop began with the Solution Station. An opportunity for each one of us to ask the circle a question.
I contemplated how to approach this. Waited long till near the end. Yesterday’s fine tuning, today brought me showers of gifts. I’ve rejuvenated my creative self. Accepted my worthiness. It’s now written in my soul. My path became clear. (stay tuned for more in the coming weeks!)
Before we knew it lunch was served. As we glared out at the ocean I ate up some of the wise words that unraveled in the morning amongst all of our questions.
The afternoon's solitude at Hollyhock
"Do you see yourself?" said Wild Liz at one point to someone.
“Who would you be without the longing?” asked Wise Sherry to another.
SARK later took our afternoon’s session to the Loons. We crowded beach side. In peace. At one point perks of laughter erupted when a splash of skin hit the sea. A gaggle of nakedness - blissful and free.
SARK's afternoon's Workshop with the Loons
SARK carried on speaking about channeling abundance. The energy of money. I stopped taking notes and savoured this one sentence: 

“If we don’t fully use who we are, then who are we?”

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