Sunday, 3 October 2010

An Honour Bestowed!

I really am jumping for joy!!! I recently became aware that the amazing and succulent SARK included my blog link in her September eLetter. What an honour! (See snippet below.) 

Thank you, THANK YOU!

Good Things from SARK

I came home from first grade and said to my Mom; "I think that Show and Tell should be me every day!" She replied that other kids needed a chance, and I told her that the kids were begging me to do it. Luckily, my first grade teacher arranged for me to do Show and Tell every day to a different grade. I find and experience so many good things in my life; it feels like a great big Show and Tell. I'm excited to offer this feature at Planet SARK ~ people, places, things and resources that inspire me... Let me know what inspires you at my Glorious Guestbook.

Jane Victoria attended my Succulent Wild Wisdom workshop at Hollyhock, and wrote about her experiences- with photos here.

SARK's full eLetter here!

Believe it or not I am still unravelling from that incredible experience. It was truly filled with joy, absolute delight and pure nourishment of the soul. 
Special thanks to the Universe for guiding me there!
Love, smiles and hugs.
Jane Victoria

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