Wednesday, 6 October 2010

I am Worthy Just Say YES!

Magical Journeys with SARK

Another session with Dream Boogie tonight and SARK. What a gift. I’m working away on my auction items for Uganda Wishes and have opened the Universe up to my receiving all the goodness that I can in support of this project but the inner critics crawl around jabbing at my heart.
I am not getting things done fast enough! What if you can’t raise the necessary funds? So they say.
Like a wild horse I stomp into my Dream Boogie session tonight, sweating. I’m running away from the criticizers. I explode my dream passion to my boogie buddies and low and behold I’m applauded. Once again I receive support.
SARK's introduction surrounds the world of YES! The “I can…, I can see the…, I really believe…, I know I will….”
Hark, I know gratitude and love will get me there. I’ve had another boogie break through!
Thank you SARK and my fellow boogie buddies. I needed you tonight.
Stay tuned, Uganda Wishes auction items to be revealed shortly!

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