Sunday, 10 October 2010

Support Uganda Wishes!

“Once we make up our mind to do something, all we have to do is allow the Universe to join us.” Tori Hartman.

Uganda Wishes is a planned multi-media art project documenting the hope of the African people. Looking away from the doom and the gloom our focus is to record the aspirations of these people. What makes them happy? What gives them hope? What makes them smile? What are their wishes for our World?
At the Mengo Hospital in Kampala we’ll visit the Saturday Club. Eighty HIV positive orphans who travel to the hospital once a month for a nutritious meal, clothing and support.
Also at Mengo Hospital is a HIV/AIDS clinic, the TB clinic and nearby another orphanage. All of which will provide opportunities to record faces, names and aspirations.
Further afield in the mountains near the Congo border in Bwera there are a group of Canadians building a school. Here communities living outside of the big city centers face different challenges. How is life different for them? What do we see that they don’t have? What do they feel gives them hope in their day? What do they wish for our World?
Below you will find a number of different items that have been donated to this project. The project email address is ugandawishes@gmail.comYou may contribute directly (email bank transferred preferred) or by contributing a payment towards any one of the following items in exchange:

How to support Uganda Wishes:
  • Items are available on a first come first serve basis!
  • Email with the item number, name and support price for further details or to contribute.
  • Once you receive confirmation arrangements will be made for payment contribution and exchange of goods or services

VALUE $18.95 (US)

Item#2: One Hour Couching with SARK! - SPOKEN FOR!
VALUE $250 (US)

Item#3: Basic Boating Crewing Course WITH ADDED BONUS Six Month Club Sail Membership (expires April 2011) - Vancouver Island Maritime Academy (Victoria, BC Canada)
VALUE $1,000 (Cnd)

Item#4: Three-Session Professional Business Coaching
ROI-Coaching is a revolutionary new learning model that grows critical management skills in managers at any level in an organization. Via teleconference, managers work one-on-one with a professional management coach to develop skills that they then immediately use in their own work environment. This immediate application of new knowledge and skills ensures skill transfer and improved manager performance.
VALUE $750 (US)

Item #5: Women's Counselling Session - 1.5 hours
Sherry Bezanson, M.Ed., RCC is a social entrepreneur since 1995. She is passionate about helping other women achieve autonomy and empowerment. Sherry has a Masters in Counselling Psychology from the University of Victoria.
VALUE $250 (Cnd)

Item #6 Astrology Session – 1.5 hours SPOKEN FOR!
With 25 years experience studying Astrology - you must know the exact time of your birth for an accurate reading!
VALUE $350 (Cnd)

With gratitude for the opportunity and support I have already received, I am calling myself the project lead and depart for Uganda November 2. I return December 15 to share Uganda Wishes with the World. Check this blog for updates when power and Internet access are accessible to me!

Uganda Wishes gratefully acknowledges the contributions of the following: Alice King, Susan Aerial Rainbow Kennedy (SARK), Sherry Bezanson, Authentic Sue, Succulent Leslie, Daring Dawn, Vancouver Island Maritime Academy, Gifted Marilyn and Friends of Mengo Hospital.

Most importantly, thank YOU for your support in reading this!
With love,
Jane Victoria King
Project Lead
Uganda Wishes

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