Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Know Thy Values

Thought about this tonight as I ate dinner with my pal, Pete. He mentioned a relationship he was in and the woman wasn’t compatible as it was pretty clear early on, her values didn’t match his.
It got me thinking of my values and the importance of them. What do they mean and does anyone really care any more?
Now my definition of Values is brief. I intuitively came up with one word for each letter. This is pretty random and straight from my heart today:

V: Variety - The spice of life!
A: Aptitude - Enables everything.
L: Love – Surrounds.
U: Unity – Harmony, peace.
E: Excellence – My standards!
S: Sobriety – Maintaining a clear head.

Pretty much how I live my life. Suppose I do know. My values that is.

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