Thursday, 21 October 2010

We IHOPed!

Myself and Uncle Len at the IHOP  in Bellingham

Never thought I’d gush over a lunch like I did yesterday.
We were driving back from Seattle and I kept seeing these signs along the highway for IHOP. I’d heard some people talking IHOP at the gas station earlier.
There’s JC Penny, Macey’s – all kinds of massive retail malls in the area, Tukwila where we were staying. I kind of assumed it was some big retail store.
I finally leaned over to Uncle Len, since he’d been narrating all the big stores and what they’re good for anyway, and asked him what the IHOP one was all about.
Took him a few seconds then he replied, “International House of Pancakes.”
Just so happened we were already past noon and I was hungry. So I got to saying how much I LOVE pancakes and well, pretty much could eat them at any time of day. Uncle Len agreed. So we made one our next stop. In Bellingham.
Felt a bit at first like a Smitty's. But the menu was more interesting and the coffee robust! With lots of it.
Came hungry... left very happy!
I started thinking crepes and picked out three that sounded good. The low cal (of course), the German (with lemon butter) or the chocolate (with Nutella).  
The waitress comes by and I explained with humour we were all the way from Canada to visit the IHOP! She of course recommends the chocolate crepes to make my experience all the more worth while.
Topped with whipped cream and bananas. I didn’t go wrong.
Uncle Len did the eggs, bacon, sausage and crepes. He went with the German.
We both gushed at the sights of the plates.
What a pleasure. Pure heaven. Indulgence. No guilt I might add. Although I did force myself to get up early this morning and do a spin class. Just cause!
But now I can say I’ve IHOPed!
Without guilt!


Amy said...

Yes, the IHOP!!! We have an IHOP within about 10 mins from our house. :-)

Amy said...

And you've surely been to a Cracker Barrel, right?! They have 'good eats' too.

A Fresh Thinker said...

Oh lucky! Never heard of Cracker Barrel! Will have to check it out when next I'm down south!

Amy said...

I can't help but laugh, it seems so funny that someone hasn't heard of Cracker Barrel, just because they are all over the place in the US. It's definitely not as numerous as Starbucks, but there must be a Cracker Barrel of every single, even somewhat major, interstate exit in many parts of the US. On that note, I'm not sure how for North and West they are, but I know there are some at least as far West as Colorado so maybe they'll make their way to BC. :-)
It's good home cooking type food, GREAT breakfast with pancackes, french toast, etc. My favorite for lunch/dinner is the chicken and dupmlings with green beans, fried okra, biscuits, YUM.