Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Two is You

“Feel your heart. Let your heart feel mine.”
It went something like that.
I replied with, “Fear.”
He understood.
I had met a beautiful soul.
We’d boda-boda’d. Eaten dinner. Now we were dancing. I was the only mzungu in the place. Three dance floors. Less space as the night went on. Ratio of men to women – ten to one.
We got a crowd. The mzungu shaking it up with the six foot fiver Lugandan man.
There was Ugandan reggae, rap and pop. Some electro.
It was so much fun.
The guard with the gun at the entrance said we could dance till 6 a.m. I was delighted.
Besides a couple water breaks and one game of billiards, we lasted until 2 a.m.
My African man is Muslim. If wealth exists, so he tells me – he can have four wives. I ask him how many so far? He says two.
“One in Uganda and two is you.”
I laugh and squeeze my wrap around his waste.
A pal before I departed Canada predicted I would meet my future husband in Uganda. This rested in the back of my mind.
It’s been almost a week since I left. I mull over what I did do on my African voyage. My six weeks in Uganda. Uganda Wishes.
Many have asked will I return?
At first I thought no. But now my heart sings yes. There’s the northeast to explore. More documentation post election of people and their wishes. Mt. Elgon to climb.
And of course I stray back to my soul, with the African heart and smile to think.
Two is you.

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