Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The Computer is Dead

Evidently… I’d hooked into Linked In last night and apparently sent everyone who had ever sent me an email a request to Join Me.
Got an amusing email from a pal this morning.
“So and so isn’t super computer savvy want to give her a telephone call?”
I did. Late in the day. Left a message. She called back. We talked. On the telephone. It was wonderful!
Throughout our conversation she gleefully squealed out how absolutely inept she is on the computer and if someone really wants to talk to her they can pick up the phone and call.
I agreed.
Our culture is skewed towards text messaging and emails. Even invitations. No more hand written expressions of delight.
But the words on the screen don’t express the tone in your voice. They don’t give time for you to supply a reaction. Or an air for laughter. Or a breath for silence. Where’s the spirit in a typed out memo?
Like S.T. said.
“The computer is dead.”


Noa said...


Its interesting, so many things can be done online these days that we forget about the real world, the one that does not involve a screen.

I am as guilty as the next person of being too attached to my computer, but I make a point of doing the majority of my work face to face, with real people, in the real world :)

I suppose it all a balancing act though, right?!

A Fresh Thinker said...

True enough... the balancing act. So refreshing to hear you are making the effort. So many don't.
I slept with a guy who I was passionate about. The next day I got a text message. How faceless. I ended it.
Just saying, the more we can look people in the eyes, the more meaningful and heartfelt the conversations we can have.
Thanks for reading!