Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The Greed Culture

Wasn’t sure what I wanted to do when I graduated from school. Was adamant I needed to get out of school fast.
Didn’t think much about owning property or getting married. Kinda wanted to travel, maybe see a bit of the world.
Of course I’ve seen more now. Way more as the clock has ticked. And I’ve come to a conclusion.
Money rules the world. Money rules life. Money rules (period).
It didn’t take me long to realize you can’t live without it. The more you make ironically, the more you need. Or you think you need.
I remember once a family member saying when I’d confessed to being miserable about debt, “You made your own bed.”
True enough. However, fate deals us the almighty cards and the Universe shovels out what should be. At least that’s how I view the big picture now. I'm so grateful that money comes to me easily and frequently!
Who invented money anyway? It used to be we’d trade. Barter. Now we have debt and bills because we can pay with credit cards and bank loans.
In Uganda, everything you buy is paid for by cash. No credit. No trust.
So a person doesn’t get what they can’t afford. Not like our culture.
I'm ashamed to say - the greed culture.

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