Thursday, 20 January 2011

Global Thinking

Doesn’t occur to me these days when I think about a project or a purpose to not include the whole world.
At some point along my varied career path, I gained the word precedent. Or should I say precedent setting.
When you think about it, something that’s out there that’s been done before more then likely paves some kind of path for the wave of the future.
Sure you can refer to books like the Tipping Point – but ironically speaking it’s someone or a company perhaps that has either intentionally or unintentionally set some kind of precedent.
I spent a few minutes this morning scanning Twitter and noticed a Global Trends tweet. Quickly I scrolled through a post on the Ten Key Trends to Watch.
Interestingly one on the list referred to the talk of we and me and not just they. The word co-create was in there too.
Tap into your mind a minute and chew on the last time you thought about co-creation. I could yell team work too, but as far as companies or even large corporations go is co-creation going on?
Managers can sit in their offices of a large corporation and dictate a strategy for the future of their company. How much are they dialing into their customer? Is it what they think and what they want and where they want the company to go?
Is it the user’s wish too?
Not always. Some branding re-launches come to mind there.
I’m not saying we should have to ask permission necessarily. But I am agreeing with the word co-create or co-creation.
The word engage passes my lips a lot these days too.
Now these are no more then simple mind reflections on my part.
I have to add though; the future as it is today - really does deserve global thinking. With the we and me.

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