Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Habit of Time

Once I heard my son say sleeping was over-rated. I beg to differ.  I was trying to tell him he needed to catch up on his sleep.
“That’s impossible,” he replied. "You can never catch up on sleep."
The dog sleeps with his tongue out. Snoring. I profess to giving him a swift foot nudge when he starts to twitch at the end of my bed. It’s nice someone is asleep.
As far as scheduling out time though, here’s the thing. Should we be scheduling sleep?
Recently an associate asked me what time I went to sleep, what time I got up and what I did when I woke up first thing.
It got me thinking. Living takes time. Think about it. There's all this other time stuff like for example:
  • Time to eat.
  • Time to wash dishes.
  • Time to vacuum.
  • Time to buy groceries.
  • Time to walk the dog.
  • Time to shower.
  • Time to check emails, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Time to work out.
  • Time to talk to friends.
  • Time to meditate.
  • Time to be with family.
And so on. Not including the biggest time suck of all - work.
I’ve been to known to answer in a stern voice when asked, "exactly what time will I get there?" (at my mother’s house for the family dinner for example) with, “I’ll be there when I get there!”
What about the time to just be? To space out. To vacate. To drift off. To go off into la la land.
Do you make any time for that -  in your habit of time?

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